If you see an animal left in the bitter cold hitting much of the country, please contact law enforcement immediately. They will not survive.



Japan Is About to Start Slaughtering Even More Whales – sign the protest petition?

sign here to ask Japan not to resume whaling

Japan announced its withdrawal from International Whaling Commission (IWC) ban on commercial whaling

“We have decided to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission in order to resume commercial whaling in July next year,” said Japanese Cabinet Chief Secretary Yoshihide Suga.

Despite commercial whaling being illegal since 1986, Japan has often ignored the IWC ban and now is leaving the IWC to increase its slaughtering of whales as a means of profit.

There is no humane way to kill a whale, and their deaths are protracted and horrid. Please consider signing Care2’s petition to the Japanese government.


Freya Needs Your Help!

SPCA International
Sgt. Kerri has been serving in the U.S. military for 16 years and has been deployed to Iraq three different times. This tour has been brightened by Freya. He tells us she brings joy and companionship – not just to him, but his entire team.

These two adore each other. Sgt. Kerri always protects Freya – sheltering her from the violence and tough realities outside the military base. And Freya has repaid Sgt. Kerri with devotion, loyalty, and love. Now, Sgt. Kerri is depending on our generosity to get Freya out. Or she will die. Iraq is THAT dangerous.

Sgt. Kerri is about to redeploy back to the U.S. – if Freya is left behind, the only things that await her are abuse, starvation, blistering heat and disease.

Freya’s situation is dire. And URGENT. I’m asking you to help her. A $40.00 donation will help save her.

When you give today you are generously funding the vaccines, the flights, the on-the-ground transportation…the hundred things it takes to rescue a dog from Iraq.

Our missions are more complicated – more difficult – more costly than I can easily explain. Flights get cancelled without being rescheduled. Security requirements change on the whims of airport agents. And roads and checkpoints are closed without warning. What used to take hours can now take weeks. But if you donate, I promise you that nothing will stop us from rescuing Freya from Iraq and bringing her to North Carolina to live with Sgt. Kerri and his wife.

We can make her rescue happen – together. You are a critical part of this mission, of Freya’s fate…of her life. Please help save her today.



Woohoo! A Victory for Animals in Pennsylvania

Great news!  Our voices were heard!  HB 1216 (Animals in Distress) unanimously passed both the PA Senate and House this week.  Dubbed “the hot car bill,” dogs and cats will be protected from distress in motor vehicles by allowing public safety professionals to remove unattended pets without liability for damages.  Governor Wolf is looking forward to signing this bill into law.

Many thanks to go around on this.  Heartfelt thanks for your calls, emails, and visited offices to advocate for this legislation.  Much appreciation to all Pennsylvania lawmakers for supporting the bill.  Be sure to thank your own state senator and representative for voting yes on this bill.  You can find your legislators here.

We have been working for a few years to pass this legislation.  It was a long road worth the time and effort.  Thanks for your persistence to help keep pets safe in PA!

Kristen Tullo
Pennsylvania State Director – State Affairs
Humane Society of the United States