UntoldAnimalStories.org – We provide stories, videos, and photos to help promote humane treatment of animals and small acts of compassion.  Generally gentle in our approach rather than shocking, we seek to invite connection, compassion and, from that, action.  In addition, we provide tips on what you can do to help animals.  We are a 501(c)3 organization.

Do you have an animal or rescue story you’d like to see featured? …  An action tip? … A video or photograph you’d like to share? … Would you like to be a guest blogger? …

Please contact us at untoldanimalstories@gmail.com or via our contact page.

 On behalf of the animals. . .thank you

Founders & Board of Directors:

Carolyn Cott has 25+ years of experience translating ideas into language. She’s been a writer/editor at Yale University, writer for a Fortune 500 company, and is currently a writing consultant for diverse organizations and individuals. Carolyn has long been a proponent of humane treatment of animals, written articles on the topic, volunteered with animal welfare organizations in Colorado and Pennsylvania, and been involved in a multitude of animal rescues. She is a freelance writer for Humane Society International.

DSC_0177_2Emily Mei Cott Stollman has assisted in animal rescues and caring for abandoned pets since childhood. Emily is currently in grad school, has taught ESL in Europe, and has engaged in or led community service projects providing assistance to underserved populations. She designed the website for Untold Animal Stories.

Gretchen Pachlhofer created a volunteer-based non-profit foundation for all creatures great and small providing veterinary care, food assistance, transport, evaluation, and training. Gretchen is also sole proprietor of The Living Coach, Inc., a Texas-based life coaching practice; she was trained by Martha Beck. Gretchen is a member of LEAP Foundation, which focuses on healing the world’s ecosystems and supporting their inhabitants.


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©Copyright 2020

All Rights Reserved

Untold Animal Stories is a non-profit corporation that is not affiliated with any other organization. 

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