If Each of Us Did Something about Animal Overpopulation, Our Impact Could Be Vast – World Spay Day – February 23

by Carolyn Cott

The spaying/neutering of dogs and cats is widely regarded as the single most effective means of controlling their population growth. The estimates of dogs and cats worldwide range from 950 million to 1.5 billion, the majority of which are un-owned, un-fixed, and struggle to survive. Spaying and neutering can contribute to reducing animal suffering.

For those who belief it’s not fair to deprive animals of their sexuality, consider this: animals have different consciousness from humans, and it is fairly safe to assume that they do not miss the ability to procreate. The suffering caused by overpopulation is a surety, however, and you can help to make a difference. Please consider spaying and neutering your animals and supporting organizations that do so. There are many organizations that offer low-cost or no-cost spaying and neutering. Check online with local, national, and international humane societies, animal welfare organizations, and local government.

If each of us did something about animal overpopulation, our impact could be vast.

Company Stops Live Exports of Animals & Share Price Rises

Exporting of live animals – it’s misery and suffering for animals, and it turns out it’s bad for business.  A major international exporter of live animals—agribusiness giant Elders, an Australian-based company—just announced that it will stop shipping live animals from Australia.  Stock prices rose immediately.

cows-1029077_1280Elders, which was a pioneer in the live export industry, will immediately cease shipping cattle to China.  Perhaps other industry giants will take note, if for no other reason than economic gain, and follow suit.

For more information: http://bit.ly/2ddL8wE