A Bill to Reduce Pet Overpopulation on Puerto Rico is under Consideration….please sign this letter urging support of the legislation

A  bill to improve the lives of animals is currently under consideration in Puerto Rico’s legislature. P de la C 2950 / P del S 1631 is designed to reduce pet overpopulation on the island, which could save millions of dollars and improve the welfare of animals.

This legislation would enact an effective spay/neuter policy and facilitate the participation of mainland veterinarians to perform high volume spay/neuter clinics in Puerto Rico. In addition, this legislation would encourage adoption, place a temporary moratorium on the sale of cats and dogs for five years, and create a coalition to help citizens stop overpopulation in their communities.

Pet overpopulation in Puerto Rico is severe. P de la C 2950 / P del S 1631 will protect animals from cruelty and neglect while simultaneously saving Puerto Rico’s government millions of dollars and empowering its citizens.

Please write to your senator and representative today and urge them to vote yes on P de la C 2950 / P del S 1631: