Can You Join Us in Lobbying PA State Lawmakers, April 24th, About Pending Humane-Related Laws?

One of 2017’s biggest days for animals and animal loving constituents in Pennsylvania is coming up – Humane Lobby Day!  This year’s event is Monday, April 24th from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building, East Wing, Room 1, followed by a Humane PA happy hour and lunch!  Participants meet with lawmakers to inform them about pending humane laws and to ask for their vote. Please consider joining us. You’ll have an impact (lawmakers care about their constituents’ opinions) and be treated to a lunch/happy hour afterwards with like-minded people.

To register, please go to: Register for Humane Day PA

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Libre Law photo by Jennifer MacNeill

Armchair Animal Activism – part 3

You’re here to help animals. So are we.  Join the Humane Society of the US in their efforts.  Click on any of the links below to make a difference.
  1. You make our work possible. Donate now to help animals who desperately need you.


    46 dogs rescued from cruelty and neglect in Arkansas this week. Animal lovers like you made this possible.

    Don’t be silenced. Speak out against dangerous “ag-gag” bills to help protect farm animals!

  2. Speak up for farm animals!

    Meet the love of your life through the Shelter Pet Project.

    You’re invited to a special screening of At the Fork, a new film taking an unbiased look at the lives of animals in our food system.

    Wayne Pacelle's The Humane Economy

    Are you an eBay user? Whether you’re shopping or selling, you can donate back to our lifesaving work for animals!

Drive change for animals!

The Humane League

by guest blogger Olivia Jannuzzi

Hello there

Hello there

Giving a voice to the voiceless and a big hand to those with paws, Untold Animal Stories combines true and stylized storytelling with animal advocacy, resulting in an uncommon and inspiring blog. This website features articles with tips for pet owners, petitions and opportunities to help animals in need, and occasionally a video demonstrating an animal’s intelligence and importance. The main feature of the blog is the innovative short stories that are often told from an animal’s perspective, putting the reader on all fours, and allowing us to get a tiny feel of what these animals experience daily.

As you read the stories, you are seeing life through an animal’s eyes. We are put in the panther’s entrapment at the zoo as a crowd stares. We are rescued with a stray dog who finds a loving family and a warm bed. We experience peaceful life as a cow on a wide green pasture. Without forcing it, and without disgusting and shocking people with the harsh realities of what these animals go through, these creative stories are a subtle yet effective technique for people to build compassion for animals, and to help raise animal advocacy awareness.

Raising awareness for animals is important for several significant reasons. For starters, it is important for people to know where their food is coming from and what methods were used to get the meat from the animal to the plate. Currently factory farming dominates food production in the United States, with approximately 99% of farm animals subjected to these factories and about ten billion animals per year slaughtered for food. The animals are routinely mistreated and abused, and the practices used by the farmers are often cruel and horrendous. Not only that, but factory farms are one of the biggest polluters in the nation, putting humans’ health at risk as well.

Of course, factory farming is not the only option we have to put food on our plates. The Humane League* works to raise consciousness and alert the world on what is really going on with their food, and presents alternatives to eating factory farmed meat by encouraging healthy and tasty options like Meatless Monday, or the benefits of going vegan/vegetarian. The switch from factory farmed meat to cruelty-free alternatives can save hundreds of animals’ lives while also making the planet and you healthier.

When you see something destructive or dangerous happening, it is our nature and right to take action against it. Even the smallest efforts go a long way and can save a significant number of animals’ lives. Unfortunately, animals do not have the voice (or thumbs) to stop the horrible treatment that they are subjected to, which is why it is important we give them a voice and a chance to live better lives. Untold Animal Stories creates that voice to help open up people’s minds and see that animal’s lives are just as significant and meaningful as our own.

~ ~ ~* Since its founding in 2005, the Humane League’s mission has been to save the lives of as many animals as possible and to reduce animal cruelty. We want a world where all animals are treated with the same respect and compassion that we show to our beloved family dog or cat.

Originally founded in Philadelphia, the Humane League has grown to be a leading national presence for farm animals with offices in Philadelphia, Boston, Maryland, Dallas, Charlotte, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Miami. Funding comes from our tens of thousands of supporters across the world.  For more information or to contribute, please visit: COW - APNOV  (35 of 98)

PIG APNOV  (50 of 98)Photo Credits: Stephanie Frankle

Humans Defending Animals from Other Humans

All animals illustration, part of the network, is dedicated to protecting both wild and domestic animals from abuse and harm at the hands of humans. The Animal Petitions community is comprised of passionate citizen activists dedicated to taking action to protect animals.  The activism?  Simply sign your name to petitions with messages you value. has contributed to a number of successes, including conservation funding for wild animals, tightened puppy mill laws, animal welfare law passage in Thailand, reenlistment of gray wolves as an endangered species, CEO resignation over animal abuse, and more.

Please consider signing your name (they do not share emails–I know this from personal experience).

Wild & Domestic Animals illustration courtesy of Vlado,