National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Adoption is the answer!

Tuesday, April 30th is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. Celebrate all week with us! It is estimated that each year 6.5 million animals enter U.S. shelters. That’s a lot of important reasons to take action today! Below are just a few ways you can make a difference in the life of a homeless pet.

Increase Your Impact

Flights to Freedom flies animals from overpopulated shelters to no-kill shelters, giving them a chance at being adopted into a forever home. Last year, together we helped fly 7,177 pets to freedom through this program: 5,419 dogs, 756 cats, and 2 pot-bellied pigs!

Give a Gift

We’ve created two opportunities for you to directly and positively affect the lives of vulnerable shelter animals! You can feed orphaned infant kittens and puppies by providing specialized formula and bottle kits to shelters. The Flights to Freedom Comfort Packs helps ease the stress of pets on their journey to their forever home.

Show You Care

Proclaim it loud and clear! You can help spread the word about the importance of animal adoption with one of our exclusive Adopt Don’t Shop items or explore one of our other product collections perfect for Fur Moms and Fur Dads. Find your favorite! Feel good and do good. Last year, shopping in The Animal Rescue Site store raised funding for the value of more than 61.2 million bowls of food for shelter animals.

Increase Your Impact

Flights to Freedom flies animals from overpopulated shelters to no-kill shelters, giving them a chance at being adopted into a forever home. Last year, together we helped fly 7,177 pets to freedom through this program: 5,419 dogs, 756 cats, and 2 pot-bellied pigs!


Join us for Humane Lobby Day at the Harrisburg State Capitol–It Makes a Difference!

Pennsylvania Humane Lobby Day
April 29, 2019

The biggest day of the year for animals—and animal advocates—is almost here!

Please join us for this exciting opportunity to discuss ways you can make a difference in the lives of animals. You’ll also have the chance to meet with your legislators about Pennsylvania’s Pet Retail Sale bill dubbed Victoria’s Law, ending live pigeon shoots, and the ivory trade in our state. Also, on our agenda is to further protect dogs by establishing standards for outdoor shelter as well as to allow research animals to be adopted upon completion of their participatory studies.

No prior experience is required to get involved. We will provide the support you need to make the largest impact!

We will be joined by humane legislators as well as a few canine special guests.

RSVP today to make big changes for animals in your state!

Where and When

Monday, April 29
9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Pennsylvania State Capitol Building
N 3rd St., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120
Cost: Free


Last day to register is April 22.
• Each attendee must complete a separate registration.
• If you plan to register someone after yourself, they MUST have a different email address.
• Add your mobile number to receive a text reminder and other ways to help animals via your phone (standard rates apply). If you currently receive texts from us, great! You’re already set to receive your text reminder.
• If you have questions, please email your state director Kristen Tullo at

The reservation limit per user is 1 guests.


Helping Feline Survivors of the California Fire & Reuniting Cats with Their People

Alley Cat Allies  – GreaterGood Partners

The wildfire called Camp Fire in Northern California was the deadliest in the state’s history. Alley Cat Allies has been working to save cats’ lives following the fire and to ensure that cats who were separated from their families get reunited.Complete the three steps below to learn about Alley Cat Allies’ important work to save cats’ lives and, for a limited time, GreaterGood will provide lifesaving food supplies for animals.

Watch the video and help bring these cats home

how Alley Cat Allies is making an impact… How Alley Cat Allies is helping fire-displaced cats

Help bring these kitties home

Even though it’s been months since the Camp Fire devastated huge swathes of Northern California, there are still many, many cats that need our support. Alley Cat Allies continues to work with local organizations, helping to provide lifesaving care that’s so desperately needed and reuniting cats with their families.

While your completion of these three steps has led to the funding of lifesaving food supplies for animals, please consider directly supporting the efforts of Alley Cat Allies.

Click here to see how you can help

For more information:

Let’s reduce misery for bullocks, ponies, and horses during the Chinchali Fair

Animal Rahat

There’s still time to relieve suffering during the Chinchali Fair!

Photo of bullocks hitched to cart


In just a few days, thousands of bullocks, ponies, and horses will be forced on a grueling, days-long trek to the Chinchali Fair—an annual festival in India. Some of them will be forced to run for more than 200 miles, hauling carts jam-packed with families and their possessions. Along the way, some will collapse from exhaustion, while others will become injured as their wagons hit ruts or are run off the road. Most will endure dehydration and despair.

Animal Rahat is preparing to provide these animals with food, water, and vital veterinary care—and it needs your support to come to the aid of as many individuals as possible.

For 15 years, Animal Rahat has been working to provide animals forced to pull carts to the fair with the basic care and sustenance that they need. These animals absolutely rely on Animal Rahat for everything from food and water to emergency medical treatment for problems such as lameness, exhaustion, untreated wounds, and debilitating infections.

The team informs animals’ owners about effective long-term care, which benefits them long after the fair is over. The team will also once again enlist the help of police officers to confiscate torture devices, including whips, pointed sticks, wire nose rings, and yoke spikes.

Many animals are no longer forced to make the trip, because Animal Rahat has persuaded many villagers from all around the region to rest their animals and instead take buses—which the group provides or subsidizes! The team is working hard to make these vehicles the primary means of transportation to the festival.

Thanks to kind people like you, Animal Rahat is changing minds and improving animals’ lives.

Very truly yours,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

If you see an animal left in the bitter cold hitting much of the country, please contact law enforcement immediately. They will not survive.