A Christmas Gift? – Stop Cruelty Before It Starts

children and thailand dogThroughout Southeast Asia, including Thailand, many animals are treated in horrific ways. In fact, some of these cruel practices are socially sanctioned. Based in Thailand, Soi Dog Foundation has embarked on a teacher-training program directed at Thailand’s younger citizens – the children.

Soi Dog Foundation’s Humane Education Program cultivates empathy and kindness by teaching children to understand the feelings of others. The program instills a sense of responsibility to make compassionate choices, empowers kids to improve their communities, and produces caring members of society. The Soi Dog Foundation’s humane education is designed to inspire young people to become compassionate, caring adults that will protect and honor Thailand’s animal population for generations to come. In addition to training teachers, Soi Dog Foundation distributes age-appropriate educational reading materials throughout Thailand’s schools.

You can help. Just $10 educates one child in Thailand about humane practices of animal welfare.  Put humane education materials in a classroom in Thailand for $20.00.  Train a schoolteacher to teach humane education in Thailand for $30.00.  Click here to prevent animal cruelty through education.

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