Giving Tuesday – You Can Help Animals Like Sweet Amelia

Amelia was just a little foal wandering the streets alone when Animal Rahat found her. The young donkey’s neck and thighs were covered with painful, open wounds left by the neighborhood dogs who tormented her. Animal Rahat treated her injuries and allowed her to recover at its sanctuary. After she was healed, she was transported to a partner sanctuary where she’ll grow up in the company of other rescued donkeys who, like her, will never face such danger again.

Left: A photo of Amelia as a foal with a large wound on her thigh. Right: A photo of Amelia today, looking into the camera as she stands in a clearing in the Nilgiri Hills.

The photo on the left shows Amelia the day she was rescued. The one on the right is Amelia today!

Please make a difference in the lives of animals like Amelia by making a special Giving Tuesday donation today.

A donkey sits on the ground with bandages on both hind legs and feet.

Animal Rahat was there for this donkey whose wounded legs needed emergency medical treatment.

It’s not only individual donkeys who find themselves in trouble—sometimes entire herds need help all at once. That was the case with a group of 45 donkeys rescued from forced labor in an illegal sand-mining operation and who now reside at the sanctuary with Amelia. Animal Rahat is responsible for the cost of their lifetime care.

A mother donkey and her foal graze at their sanctuary home in the Nilgiri Hills.

It costs Animal Rahat $65 to provide a single donkey with food and care for one month, and the cost of care for this mother-baby duo (who were rescued from the sand-mining operation) amounts to over $1,500 per year.

Your Giving Tuesday gift to Animal Rahat will help provide the resources that the group must have in order to assist animals in need.

Every day, Animal Rahat responds to emergency calls about donkeys and other animals desperate for help. When unexpected situations put lives at stake—like that of a mother donkey struggling to give birth as floodwaters rise around her—Animal Rahat will do everything that it can to help.

Will you be part of the team that’s changing animals’ lives in India by making a generous Giving Tuesday donation right now?

Thank you for making the compassionate choice to help donkeys and other animals this Giving Tuesday!

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk


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