What if Christmas ham were advertised truthfully?

What if Christmas ham were advertised truthfully?

Hidden cameras filmed inside a ‘humane’ gas chamber. Hours of uninterrupted footage show crate after crate of pigs who thrash and scream as they gasp for air.

As I write this, three young pigs are being herded into a gas chamber in an Australian slaughterhouse. What happens next is called ‘humane’ by the meat industry. Except it’s not. We showed the reality to people in the street, and they were horrified. See for yourself.

These slaughterhouses are supplying the biggest pig meat brands in the country. Their products line the shelves of every major supermarket.

As someone who cares about animals, I know this will not be easy to read. I can assure you I don’t take lightly sharing something so distressing. But I’m sure you will agree that everybody — particularly those who eat pork, bacon or ham, and especially in the lead-up to Christmas — has the right to know the truth, so that they can make considered decisions about what they choose to support.

Ultimately the power to create change for animals rests with informed consumers. And with 1 in 3 Aussies already eating more plant-based meals, there’s a huge wave of compassion building for animals.

For those three young pigs who just now spent their last moments inside this terrifying chamber, please make the next 5 minutes count. Please help expose the truth, take a stand against cruelty, and save animals from fear and suffering.

Lyn White AM
Investigations Director

Animals Australis


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